American officials warned of the possibility of an ISIS attack in America

Bayan News – the news network CNN, citing American officials, there is a possibility of an attack by the Khorasan branch of the ISIS group in the United States.

The report, citing US security sources, states that a dangerous ISIS-linked cell could carry out an attack on the soil of this country.

The report was published on Friday (June 14).

CNN did not name these American officials, but the report further stated that some US security officials believe that the withdrawal from Afghanistan has reduced America’s ability to collect intelligence and prevent terrorist attacks.

American officials said that the Khorasan branch of ISIS is trying to radicalize attackers instead of training and conducting field operations.

American officials and analysts closely following Islamist terrorist groups say that the Khorasan branch of ISIS has significantly increased its propaganda capabilities in cyberspace.

The NATO approved a plan to provide security and training assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces

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