Nearly One Million Afghan Migrant Children in Iran Lack Access to Education

Bayan News – Jan Egeland, the head of the Norwegian Refugee Council, stated on the occasion of World Refugee Day that 900,000 Afghan migrant children in Iran do not have access to education.

Egeland added on Thursday (June 20) that more than 1.5 million Afghan migrant children live in Iran, but only 600,000 of them are enrolled in schools.

The head of the Norwegian Refugee Council said, “We are helping children continue their education and understand their right to learn.”

He expressed gratitude for the assistance from the European Union Commission and the “Education Above All” organization, and said that thanks to this support, the teams of the Norwegian Refugee Council continue to provide aid to out-of-school children in Iran.

These statements come at a time when the Iranian government has arrested and deported thousands of migrant children to Afghanistan over the past year.

These actions by Iran have created serious challenges for migrant children in that country.

World Refugee Day; The migration of Afghans is concerning

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