Taliban Interior Ministry: UN Portrays Afghanistan as Insecure and Unstable

Bayan News – The Taliban Interior Ministry has rejected and termed as contrary to reality the quarterly report of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Afghanistan.

In Guterres’ quarterly report presented to the UN Security Council, it was stated that insecurity increased by 53% this year compared to 2023.

The UN Secretary-General’s report also mentioned the Resistance and Liberation Fronts.

In response to this report, Maulvi Abdul Matin Qanuni, the spokesman of the Taliban Interior Ministry, said in an audio recording released on the X platform: “The security that has been provided in Afghanistan is comprehensive and unparalleled, and we have not had many security incidents lately, though very limited.”

The Taliban Interior Ministry spokesman stated that they (the UN Assistance Mission) have included some events and operations related to the eradication of narcotics or the fight against kidnappers as security incidents.

Qanuni further said that some circles in the United Nations have constantly tried to portray Afghanistan as an insecure and unstable country.

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