Taliban: Internal Affairs of Afghanistan Will Not Be Discussed at the Doha Meeting

Bayan News – Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the interim Taliban government, says that the internal affairs of Afghanistan will not be discussed at the third Doha meeting.

He added on Saturday (June 29) in a press conference in Kabul that the internal affairs of Afghanistan are related to this country, not the United Nations.

The Taliban spokesman further stated that economic issues, banking restrictions, and the Taliban’s achievements will be discussed and reviewed at the Doha meeting.

From the Taliban’s perspective, human rights, girls’ education, and the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan are domestic issues, and no one has the right to interfere in these matters.

Zabihullah Mujahid will participate in the Taliban delegation at the third Doha meeting.

He said in this press conference that the Taliban delegation will participate in this meeting to reach an understanding and resolve problems.

Mujahid further clarified that the Taliban invites the participating countries in the Doha meeting to engage with Afghanistan.

This Taliban official, referring to the presence of women at the Doha meeting, stated that the opposition to the participation of women representatives was to maintain a united position of Afghanistan in this meeting.

However, the United Nations has taken an unprecedented action to exclude women from participating in the third Doha meeting.

This move by the United Nations has elicited international reactions. Many international organizations and human rights activists have considered this action by the United Nations as a surrender to the Taliban’s conditions.

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