Pakistan Initiates the Second Wave of Mass Expulsion of Afghan Migrants

Bayan News – Pakistani media have reported that the government of this country is going to undertake the second phase of the mass expulsion of Afghan migrants without documents.

According to the reports published on Sunday (June 30), in this phase of Pakistan’s action, around 800,000 Afghan migrants will be expelled.

Pakistani officials have not yet officially commented on this matter.

Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Islamabad, told reporters that Pakistan must carefully examine the details of the refugees in order to receive international support for the refugees.

The Pakistani government claims that it is expelling Afghan refugees due to their involvement in attacks against the country’s security forces.

Grandi rejected this claim and added: “They are only people who have fled and need protection, and if Afghan nationals have been involved in terrorist activities, they should be dealt with separately.”

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan had already expelled at least 600 Afghan migrants in the first phase, which prompted international reactions.

Deportation of over 13,000 Afghan migrants from Iran and Pakistan in one week

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