The Taliban asked the Doha participants to free the foreign currency reserves and lift the banking sanctions

Bayan News – Zabihullah Mujahid, the head of the Taliban delegation, on the final day of the third Doha meeting, asked the participants to free Afghanistan’s foreign currency reserves and lift the financial and banking sanctions.

The audio file of Mr. Mujahid’s speech, which he delivered on Monday (July 1) at the Doha meeting, has been published on the X platform. The Doha meeting was held behind closed doors and away from the access of journalists.

The video clips released on social media show that Mujahid and other participants in this meeting refrained from speaking to journalists.

However, the head of the Taliban delegation asked the participants in the Doha meeting to form a joint working group in order to achieve the objectives.

According to the head of the Taliban delegation, accepting the Taliban’s proposals will help build trust between the current Kabul government and other Doha participants.

The United Nations has not yet provided details to journalists about the progress of the third Doha meeting.

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