Australia Appoints Special Representative for Afghanistan

Bayan News – On Wednesday (July 3), the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs announced the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan.

The statement from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs says that “Amanda Maccaggo” will carry out her mission as Australia’s special representative for Afghanistan from Qatar.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs further stated that it will continue its activities in support of human rights and in support of Afghan women and girls, in cooperation with like-minded countries.

The statement quoted Pennie Wang, the country’s Foreign Minister, that Australia has continued its cooperation in support of the people of this country since the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, and this process will continue.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs stressed that the new representative for Afghan affairs has a background of carrying out missions in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Jordan.

With the collapse of the republican system and the Taliban’s renewed control over Afghanistan, special representatives of most countries in the world are carrying out their missions from Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Over the past three years, the Taliban has consistently asked countries around the world to reopen their diplomatic missions in Kabul, but so far the countries of the world, especially the West, have not taken such action.

Human rights activists have described the Doha meeting as “pouring salt on the wounds of the Afghan people”

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