The Taliban forces in Herat lowered the flags of the Ashura mourners

Bayan News – Shiite citizens of Herat in western Afghanistan say that Taliban forces have lowered the flags of the Ashura mourners and arrested two mourners of Imam Hussein in connection with the installation of the flag.

A source from Herat told Bayan News that Taliban forces tore and lowered the mourners’ flags on the first night of Muharram from the Gabriel township of Herat.

According to this source, this action was taken by the forces stationed there with the aim of ensuring security in this area.

According to the source’s statements, two Taliban forces lowered and tore the Muharram cloths from the ‘Bazaarcha’ neighborhood of Haji Abbas’ gate at night.

The source also stated that the Taliban forces had arrested two shopkeepers who had gone to the office of the Council of Shiite Scholars in Herat due to the tearing of the flags.

Additionally, it is said that the Taliban forces initially severely beat these two shopkeepers and mourners of Imam Hussein.

According to the released information, the Taliban’s “Amr-e-Bil-Maroof” (promotion of virtue) agents have also prevented street vendors in this Shiite-inhabited neighborhood of Herat from selling Muharram flags and clothes.

Last year, the Taliban forces also carried out a similar action during the Muharram days in Kabul and Ghazni, which resulted in the anger and distress of the Shiites.

However, the Council of Shiite Scholars of Afghanistan has called on the Taliban in a statement on the occasion of Muharram and Ashura of Hussaini to prevent sensitive behaviors.

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