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Bayan news special report on the situation of female students in Afghanistan; “Our spirit is destroyed”

Bayan news

On September 17, 2021, just a few months after the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, school gates were closed to girls above the sixth grade.

Although the closure of schools for female students brought national and international reactions and the world unanimously condemned this decision of the caretaker government of Kabul, but these reactions were inconclusive and had no effect on the reopening of girls’ schools.

The issuance of the decree of the leader of the Islamic Emirate was not limited to female students, but its scope was also extended to Afghan universities and domestic and international non-governmental organizations.

After banning the education of girls in schools, female students were also banned from studying and women were also banned from working in offices.

Bayannews reporter interviewed female students and teachers regarding the consequences of implementing these bans. They say that the implementation of educational restrictions has had a serious impact on the psyche of female students and teachers in schools.

The students and teachers of the schools told Bayan News reporter that after these restrictions, they cannot establish a relationship to learn lessons as in the past.

Umm al-Binin Mirzaei is a 6th grade student in one of Kabul’s public schools, who says that he dreamed of becoming a doctor in the future, but now he no longer dreams and is not sure if the schools will open or not.

  1. Al-Banin continues to say that girls, like boys, have the capacity and ability to participate in the progress and development of their country, but the lack of reopening of schools has depressed girls more than ever.

He wants the government to open the gates of schools to girls as soon as possible.

Narges is another 6th grade girl student who says she expects the school gates to open by the end of this educational period.

According to this student, the caretaker government of Kabul needs to open the gates of schools for the progress and stable future of Afghanistan, because without the education of girls, a society cannot achieve prosperity and comfort.

Meanwhile, Samira, one of the teachers, told Bayan News reporter, “My daughter is studying in school, but now she doesn’t go to school. His mood is restless, and he is also restless from me.”

This teacher clearly states that educational restrictions on girls have had a negative impact on families, and teachers are trying to establish good academic relationships with students, but nothing like this happens. When the girls don’t study, the teacher’s morale is ruined. In every house, two or three girls are left out of school.”

Expressing concern in his speech, he adds that it is still not too late for girls to return to schools and if schools are not reopened on time, girls will not have a good and bright future.

Mahgol Samimi is another teacher. His daughter, who was in the 11th grade of school, now lives at home with a broken spirit.

In his speech, he says that almost every family has a girl left out of school and this has had a negative impact on the families.

Stating that only educational restrictions have not had a negative impact on families, Mahgol expressed that economic challenges and lack of employment for young people have also made families vulnerable.

This teacher said: “In this situation, all people are thinking about the times. Most of the fathers and mothers became unemployed. Young people are unemployed and wondering where to go for work and take risky trips. In such a situation, the spirit of everyone, especially the students, is ruined.”

However, the caretaker government of Kabul does not completely reject the ban on girls’ education, but the authorities say that the schools have been closed in order to adjust the curriculum and educational system according to Islamic Sharia.

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