A Taliban official: Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has been reduced to zero

Bayan News – The Acting Minister of Agriculture of the Taliban has claimed in his latest statements that opium poppy cultivation has been completely eliminated under Taliban rule.

He made these remarks on Sunday (May 26) in a meeting with the President of the Turkish organization TIKA, and added that despite the elimination of opium poppy cultivation, Afghan farmers have been economically weakened.

The Taliban official stated: “Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has ended, but the economy of the farmers has weakened and they need more assistance.”

He called on international organizations to support alternative poppy programs in Afghanistan in order to support Afghan farmers and peasants.

Meanwhile, the President of TIKA has also promised to cooperate with the farmers in providing an alternative to opium cultivation in Afghanistan.

Previously, Taliban officials had also asked the Turkish delegation to support Afghan farmers and peasants.

On the other hand, Abdul Salam Hanafi, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Taliban, has recently announced that the current Kabul government is serious about eradicating opium poppy cultivation and will decisively deal with those involved.

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