Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions: the lack of a legitimate government causes the crisis to deepen

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Afghan diplomatic missions have welcomed the recent report of the United Nations Security Council and expressed hope that this report can draw the attention of the international community to overcome the dangerous crisis in Afghanistan.

These representatives said on Monday (June 12) that in order to start a political process that leads to the formation of an inclusive and people-oriented government, it is necessary to reconsider regional and international interactions.

The diplomatic missions of Afghanistan noted in their announcement that the recent United Nations report shows the lack of a legitimate government, which will deepen crises and have dangerous security consequences for Afghanistan and beyond.

These institutions emphasized that only an inclusive and people-oriented government can fulfill the demands of the Afghan people and ensure the political stability of Afghanistan.

However, recently, the United Nations Security Council’s analysis and monitoring team claimed in a report that the caretaker government in Kabul has returned to the Pashtun-oriented and authoritarian policies of the 1990s.

But the officials of the caretaker government of Kabul have rejected this report of the United Nations Security Council.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the government, said that the report of this council was prepared in an unbalanced and biased manner.

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