A boat carrying 400 refugees sank in southern Greece

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Recently, a boat carrying 400 refugees sank in southern Greece, and in this incident 79 refugees died and 100 others were rescued.

According to Greek state media, most of the survivors of this event are men, and there are also concerns about the deaths of women and children.

One of the survivors of the accident, who is being treated at a hospital in the port city of Kalamata, said that he saw more than 100 children in the hold of the boat.

The Greek Coast Guard stated that the fishing boat was 30 meters long and its deck was full of people, and it is believed that its interior and exterior were full of asylum seekers.

The identity of these asylum seekers has not been announced yet.

On the other hand, the International Organization for Migration has expressed concern in a tweet: “We are afraid that more lives will be lost. Initial reports indicate that more than 400 passengers were on the boat.

It is said that the boat’s engine stopped working on Tuesday GMT and it capsized in the deepest waters of the Mediterranean.

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