Sending cluster munitions to Ukraine has upset Washington’s allies


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The decision by the United States to send cluster munitions to Ukraine despite the commitment of the Kiev government to use them only within the territory of the country has prompted different reactions.

Following the decision by the US, Alexei Reznikov, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, while welcoming the decision, pledged not to use these munitions on Russian soil. Reznikov added that Ukraine is strongly committed to registering the use of these munitions and exchanging information with its partners.

On Sunday (July 8th), Reznikov tweeted: “Our position is clear, we must free our land and save our people’s lives.”

According to him, Ukraine will only use these munitions to liberate internationally recognized territories and will never use them on Russian-recognized territories.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry has reacted to this decision by Washington and considers it a weakness in US international positioning.

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, has said that Ukraine’s commitments regarding how to use these cluster munitions are meaningless.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in an official statement, has said: “Supplying cluster munitions to Ukraine will in no way affect the course of Russia’s special military operations.”

The statement further added: “The Biden administration’s decision to deliver cluster munitions to the Kiev regime is another blatant manifestation of America’s aggressive and anti-Russian stance, aimed at prolonging the maximum conflict and war in Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the UK government has also reacted to this decision by the US, stating that London has signed the agreement to ban the production or use of cluster munitions.

In addition to the UK, Germany and Spain have also expressed concerns.

This comes as US President Joe Biden emphasized in an interview with CNN that the decision was “very difficult”, especially since the Kiev forces have been facing field difficulties since the start of their anti-attack one month ago.

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