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Women’s protest movement: America should support our rights as a human rights advocate

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A group of women and girls under the name “Women’s Unity and Solidarity” protested against the restrictions of the caretaker government, saying they do not want the current educational system.

This protest, which took place on Monday (July 9th) in a closed space away from the view of government security forces, emphasized that the current government, by systematically removing women from society and making beauticians unemployed, has shown that they do not need women’s workforce.

They continued to say, “Educated women have the right to read, work, and benefit from their individual rights just like men.”

These protesting women also explicitly declared that the United States, as a human rights advocate, should support the women and girls of Afghanistan, referring to the recent support of the US President for the current Afghan government.

Recently, the global community’s protest against the caretaker government of Kabul regarding the restrictions imposed on Afghan women and girls has increased.

The United Nations Security Council and the Human Rights Council of this organization have asked the caretaker government of Kabul to remove the restrictions on Afghan women and girls as soon as possible.

Despite international pressures, however, the caretaker government of Kabul not only ignored these requests, but also banned women’s hair salons, which have economic aspects, in the latest move.

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