Mujahid: Sanctions on senior Islamic Emirate officials are not beneficial in any way

Bayan News – Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Kabul caretaker government, has called the recent action by the European Union to add three senior government officials to its sanctions list as a useless move.

Mujahid added in a tweet on Friday (July 21st): “Instead of using pressure and sanctions, interaction, dialogue, and understanding should be chosen.”

The spokesperson for the Kabul caretaker government continued to say that the use of failed experiences, coercive policies, and pressure against Afghans has not yielded any results.

The European Union announced yesterday that the caretaker head of the Supreme Court, the caretaker head of the Ministry of Justice, and the caretaker head of the Ministry of Education have been added to the sanctions list.

In a statement, the European Union announced that in addition to the three senior government officials in the Kabul caretaker government, 18 individuals and five other entities have also been sanctioned.

The reason for these sanctions by the European Union has been cited as the violation of human rights laws and violence against women and girls in Afghanistan.

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