Stanekzai: All Conditions for Work in Afghanistan Provided

Bayan News – Abbas Stanekzai, the political appointee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says that complete freedom and security have been ensured in Afghanistan, and now the groundwork for any work and activity has been provided.

He made these remarks today, Sunday (August 5), at the national conference “Humanitarian Assistance 2023” held at the InterContinental Hotel. He added that the central government currently has full control throughout the country, which has not existed in the past four decades.

The political appointee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Islamic Emirate has made progress in various areas, with the eradication of corruption and the preservation of the national treasury being among the most important achievements.

According to Stanekzai, all the people of Afghanistan, domestic and international institutions, are urged to act in the direction of the country’s welfare and tranquility, taking advantage of the opportunities that have arisen, in order to achieve self-sufficiency.

Meanwhile, Khalilurrahman Haqqani, the caretaker of the Ministry of Migrants and Returnees, added in this conference that assisting organizations should work in coordination with the government and operate in accordance with principles.

He stated that it is now necessary to create job opportunities in Afghanistan instead of cash assistance and provide vocational training programs.

The caretaker of the Ministry of Migrants and Returnees assured in this conference that they will stand against administrative corruption and completely eliminate it.

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