Two Former Local Police Officers in Badakhshan Ambushed

Bayan News – Afghan media outlets have reported on Monday morning (October 22nd) that two former local police officers, who were father and son, were ambushed by unidentified armed individuals in the Wakhwan district of Badakhshan province.

Some sources in Badakhshan province have identified these individuals as Akram Shah and Rahmat Shah and stated that they were killed two nights ago in the Chah-e-Lail square of Wakhwan district.

According to the sources, Akram Shah and Rahmat Shah were former members of the local police force and had joined the current system after the Taliban’s takeover.

Unidentified armed individuals entered their house at night and opened fire on them.

The motive behind the killings of these two individuals is unclear at the moment, and security officials in Badakhshan province have not provided any information regarding the incident.

However, according to reports from Afghan media, dozens of former government security forces have been killed by unidentified armed individuals over the past two years.

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