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Various media organizations have expressed concern over the detention of four journalists.

Bayan News – According to information provided by Afghan media organizations, four journalists have been detained by the intelligence agency of the Islamic Emirate in the provinces of Nangarhar, Paktia, and Kunduz.

Haseeb Hassas, a reporter for Radio Salam Watandar in Kunduz province, Habib Sarab, a reporter for Ariana News in Paktia, Faqir Muhammad Faqirzai and Jan Agha Saleh, reporters for Radio Kilid in Nangarhar province, are among the journalists who have been detained in the past week for unknown reasons.

Nai, an Afghan supporting organization for independent media, stated in a statement that the reason for the detention of Ariana News and Radio Salam Watandar journalists has not been clarified. The organization added that the detention of these journalists may be seen as pressure on the process of information dissemination or journalism in Afghanistan, and if continued, freedom of expression and access to information will face challenges.

The Afghan Journalists Center has also requested the Islamic Emirate to clarify the reasons for the detention of journalists and, if it is related to their journalistic work, to pursue it through the Media Ethics Commission.

Referring to the detention of two journalists in Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan, the center added that any complaints against these journalists should be pursued in accordance with the Mass Media Law and through the Media Ethics Commission.

However, the interim Kabul government and local officials in the provinces have not provided any details regarding the detention of these journalists.

The detention of these journalists has raised concerns among employees of Afghan media outlets.

Meanwhile, Reporters Without Borders, on the eve of the second anniversary of the Islamic Emirate’s control over Afghanistan, reported that approximately 12,000 journalists in the country have abandoned more than two-thirds of their duties.

The organization continues to state in its report that 80% of female journalists have been forced to quit their jobs after August 15, 2021.

Reporters Without Borders, citing data from the Independent Journalists Association of Afghanistan, stated that out of 150 television networks, less than 70 channels are still active, and out of 307 radio stations, only 170 are broadcasting. The number of news agencies has decreased from 31 agencies to 18 agencies in the past two years.

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