Over 600,000 Widows and Disabled Registered in Afghanistan in One Year

Bayan News – Officials from the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled report that over 600,000 widows, mostly women, have been registered in this ministry in the past year.

Abdul Hakim Haqani, the spokesperson of this ministry, stated on Monday (August 13) in the annual report that among them, approximately 30,000 are disabled women.

According to the statistics of this ministry, around 12,000 individuals have been registered as orphans and widows, and 7,500 individuals have been registered as disabled, but are not entitled to benefits and have been removed from the ministry’s system.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled added that over the past year, more than 13 billion Afghanis have been distributed to eligible individuals by this ministry.

However, the ministry official did not provide further information regarding whether disabled women have been affected by events and incidents.

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