China: Afghanistan’s Future Has Returned to Its People in the Past Two Years

Bayan News – Following the two-year anniversary of the Islamic Emirate’s reestablishment of control over Afghanistan, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed satisfaction with the provision of security and stability in the country, stating that over these two years, Afghanistan’s future has returned to its people.

Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson for the ministry, stated that the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan signified the military and political failure of the United States in the country, resulting in the collapse of the Republic system and the dominance of the Islamic Emirate.

He further emphasized that any military, political, or external democratic intervention in Afghanistan would not be productive and would lead to a catastrophe. Wang stressed the importance of the current government in Kabul establishing an inclusive government and actively ensuring the rights of women and ethnic minorities.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson also emphasized the prevention of terrorist activities on Afghan soil and called on the current authorities in Kabul to prevent any group from engaging in terrorist activities.

However, to date, no country has officially recognized the Islamic Emirate over the past two years.

The international community, including regional countries, has consistently urged the interim government in Kabul to work towards establishing an inclusive government. However, the Islamic Emirate authorities have claimed that the current cabinet is inclusive and includes representatives of all ethnic groups.

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