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Protest by Women in Balkh Province Demanding the Reopening of Schools and Universities

Bayan News – A group of women and girls in Balkh province held a protest gathering, calling for the reopening of schools and universities for girls.

The protest, which coincided with the two-year anniversary of the Islamic Emirate’s takeover, expressed concerns over the restrictions imposed by the interim Kabul government.

The protesters stated that Muslims are not opposed to the education and employment of women, and the Islamic Emirate should put an end to the deprivation of women from work and education.

They emphasized that women have consistently faced “discriminatory behavior” and have become victims of Taliban policies over the past two years.

According to the protesters, the policies of the current regime have led to the social isolation of women over the past two years.

They demand the respect of fundamental rights for women, including the right to education and employment.

This protest took place in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan, following the renewed headlines about the ban on girls’ education and women’s work in the country after two years.

Officials of the interim Kabul government recently announced that they are not opposed to girls’ education and that the process of reopening schools and universities will gradually be resolved.

However, an advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate also told Reuters news agency that universities are ready to accept girls again, but they need a directive from the leadership.

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