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Islamic Emirate Prevents Female Students from Traveling to Dubai for Education

Bayan News – Al-Habtour Institute, based in the United Arab Emirates, has confirmed that the interim government in Kabul has prevented 100 female university students from traveling to Dubai for educational purposes.

Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtour, an official of the institute, described this action by the interim government in Kabul as distressing in a video statement on Thursday evening (August 23).

He urged the current government in Kabul to reconsider this decision and allow the girls to continue their studies.

He reiterated that girls have the right to education.

It is reported that these girls had recently received scholarships from the University of Dubai.

Simultaneously, it has been reported that 12 of these girls were accompanied by their male relatives (Mahram).

So far, officials of the interim government in Kabul have not provided any necessary explanations regarding this action.

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