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National dignitaries demand the reopening of girls’ schools in Afghanistan from the Taliban

Bayan News – A number of scholars and national dignitaries from across Afghanistan, in a meeting with senior Taliban officials, have requested the reopening of girls’ schools.

They stated that this meeting was held as a consultation with Taliban authorities to gather the opinions and concerns of the people, including the issue of girls’ schools, and convey them to the relevant officials.

Scholars and national dignitaries emphasized the need to develop relationships and reduce the gap between the current regime and the people. They also considered projects for reconstruction, eradication of corruption, and drugs to be beneficial for the people of Afghanistan.

The meeting also addressed the issue of girls’ education in Afghanistan, with the majority of scholars and influential figures from Afghanistan’s provinces explicitly urging the Taliban authorities to open the doors of girls’ schools for girls.

This comes as, after coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban initially blocked girls’ schools for girls above the sixth grade.

This action by the Taliban has prompted national and international reactions.

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