Qatar’s Prime Minister: I told the Taliban leader to become a modern country like Qatar

Bayan News – Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, the Prime Minister of Qatar, publicly revealed the details of his meeting with the Taliban leader in a televised interview with CNN. He stated that he told Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada that if they want to be part of the global community, they should cooperate with Qatar and work together to build Afghanistan as a Muslim country, similar to Qatar.

The Qatari Prime Minister officially traveled to Kandahar in May 2023 and had a meeting and discussion with the Taliban leadership in southern Afghanistan. This meeting took place after the intensification of restrictions against women and girls in Afghanistan, and the continuation of these limitations had further isolated Afghanistan from the international community.

He explained that he had detailed discussions with the Taliban leader regarding women and girls, and he added to Mullah Akhundzada, “If you want to be part of the international community, it is necessary to cooperate with us and work together to become a modern Islamic country like Qatar.”

The Qatari Prime Minister spoke explicitly and eloquently in this interview, explaining to the Taliban leader that Qatar is an Islamic country where women and girls proudly participate in various aspects of society, hold ministerial positions, and pursue education alongside men.

He also stated that he is not a religious leader to engage in such matters with the Taliban leader and added, “Qatar, as a Muslim country, has women who work and pursue education, and there have been no obstacles for women in work and education.”

The Prime Minister further mentioned, “I believe that Muslim scholars have also had discussions and interactions with the Taliban leader in this regard, and as a Muslim country and a regional player, Qatar should engage in dialogue with the Taliban leadership. We are the best ones to explain to them that we are all normal societies within the Islamic world.”

This was the first meeting of a foreign official with the leader of the Islamic Emirate in southern Afghanistan. Since the takeover of the Islamic Emirate, it has been rare for Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada to have talks and meetings with diplomatic officials.

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