Raisi: Iran is monitoring the water scarcity issue in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Ebrahim Raisi, the President of Iran, stated that the Iranian technical delegation has conducted an assessment of the Helmand River to determine the availability of sufficient water resources in Afghanistan.

During a press conference today, on Wednesday (August 29), he informed reporters that the issue of water scarcity in Afghanistan is being followed up by the Tehran government.

According to Raisi, the negotiations conducted by Kazemi Ghami, the ambassador and special representative of Iran for Afghanistan, with the officials of the Islamic Emirate have yielded results, and Iranian experts have visited the Helmand River to determine whether the needs of Sistan and Baluchestan are being met from the Helmand River or not.

The President of Iran emphasized that Tehran is committed to the treaties between neighboring countries.

The issue of water sharing between Iran and Afghanistan has recently become a challenge.

However, recently, an Iranian delegation also traveled from the Iranian Parliament to Kabul, where they met with senior officials of the Islamic Emirate and held discussions.

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Political Head of the Kabul interim government, mentioned the security challenges during the meeting with the Iranian parliamentary delegation and added that ISIS has been suppressed in Afghanistan, and its threat will not extend from this country to neighboring countries.

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