Coup Crisis in African Countries; Gabon Army Seizes Power

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the increase in coups in African countries, this time the Gabonese army announced on a television program that they have dissolved government institutions and seized power.

Gabonese army officers declared on a television program that they took power on Thursday morning (August 30) and invalidated the election results, which were held earlier this week, citing forgery and fraud.

Twelve military personnel appeared on Gabonese television this morning and announced the dissolution of all government offices.

One of the military personnel on Gabonese television stated, “We have decided to help bring peace by putting an end to this regime.”

He also cited the reason for the coup as the existence of irresponsible and unpredictable governance, which led to the continuous weakening of societal cohesion and increased risks that could push the country towards chaos.

In the recent elections held in Gabon, Ali Bongo was declared the winner, but the country’s army placed the president under house arrest.

The Gabonese Election Commission announced that Mr. Bongo won the election with about two-thirds of the votes.

According to published reports, this coup has put an end to the 50-year rule of the Bongo family in Gabon.

In the past two years, coups have occurred four times in African countries. The coup in South Sudan and the coup in Niger are among the most recent ones.

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