Israel and Hamas Conflict; Palestinian Death Toll Exceeds Eight Thousand

Bayan News – According to international media citing Palestinian health sources, after three weeks of the Israel and Hamas conflict, the death toll of Palestinians has exceeded eight thousand, with over twenty thousand wounded.

According to Al Arabiya, as a result of the continuous attacks by the Israeli army, thousands of families have been displaced and most of them have sought refuge in schools and facilities of international organizations.

In the latest developments on the ground, Palestinian sources in Gaza reported a gradual restoration of internet services after a complete shutdown on Friday and Saturday.

On the other hand, the Palestinian News Agency announced that Israel heavily bombarded various areas in Gaza early Monday morning, resulting in dozens of deaths, hundreds of injuries, and many victims still under the rubble.

Israeli fighter jets continued intense bombardment of different areas in Gaza for the second consecutive night.

Palestinian medical sources, noting that half of the casualties were children and women, emphasized that over 1,500 people are missing among the bombings and rubble.

Despite Gaza being subjected to the most severe bombings since the start of the Israel conflict on October 7, the disruption of communications and the internet has sparked widespread global outrage, prompting international organizations to issue warnings about the dangers of this action.

International Condemnation

For over three weeks, Israel has been besieging Gaza, home to over two million people, and since Friday, it has attempted to completely sever its communication with the outside world.

This action has made it difficult for hospitals, rescue teams, and ambulances to operate effectively.

Israel’s actions have drawn widespread criticism from humanitarian and relief organizations, as well as the United Nations and Amnesty International, particularly due to the hinderance of communication between medical teams and ambulances for the transfer of the injured.

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