Peru has arrested a member of Iran’s Quds Force on charges of plotting the assassination of an Israeli citizen.

Bayan News – the Ministry of Interior of Peru announced that one of the two individuals suspected of planning an attack on an Israeli citizen, both of whom have been detained in the country, is Iranian.

As reported by EuroNews, the Peruvian police announced on Friday (March 8th) the arrest of two individuals in connection with this incident, stating that one of them is a citizen of Peru and the other is Iranian.

According to police sources in the capital of Peru, these two individuals are suspected of plotting an attack on an Israeli individual at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, scheduled to take place in Lima, the capital, later this year.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, in line with this, issued a statement announcing that the detained Iranian individual is named “Majid Azizi” and is a member of Iran’s Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

According to the claim of Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this individual was arrested after withdrawing money from an ATM and was detained while passing through a shopping center in the capital.

Officials from Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs allege that the two detained individuals in connection with this incident had the intention of assassinating an Israeli citizen and were in the process of planning for this act.

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