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Human Rights Watch: Violation of Women’s Rights by the Taliban Draws Global Attention

Bayan News – Human Rights Watch has criticized the systematic violation of women’s and girls’ rights in Afghanistan in a newly published report today, Friday (September 8), and has called for accountability.

According to the report, the Islamic Emirate, after taking control of Afghanistan, has imposed strict restrictions and laws against women and girls, depriving them of their fundamental rights.

Elizabeth Evenson, the director of the Global Justice Division at Human Rights Watch, stated in the report, “The Taliban’s cruel and systematic denial of women’s and girls’ basic rights to remove them from public life has drawn global attention. Support from relevant governments is needed to hold Taliban leaders accountable for justice.”

The organization further stated in its report that investigations conducted after August 15, 2021, indicate that women and girls have been subjected to injustices based on their gender due to written orders.

The report adds that these orders have imposed severe restrictions on freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and women’s and girls’ freedom of association.

The findings of this report demonstrate that the Islamic Emirate has prohibited secondary and higher education, as well as work in almost all professions, through its directives, creating a climate for arbitrary detention and violations of women’s and girls’ freedoms.

Human Rights Watch has called on the authorities of the acting Kabul government to remove the obstacles facing women and girls in this country.

According to published reports, the acting Kabul government has issued nearly 50 orders and directives in the past two years to restrict women and girls in Afghanistan.

The banning of girls’ education and the prohibition of women’s employment in domestic and foreign non-governmental institutions are among the most significant restrictions.

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