Deadly Earthquake in Herat; Survivors Desperate for Assistance

Bayan News – Following the devastating earthquake in the Herat province of western Afghanistan, international organizations report that the earthquake survivors are terrified and hungry.

The World Food Program (WFP) stated in a video released on Thursday, October 11th, on the X network that over two thousand people have lost their lives as a result of recent earthquakes in the Herat province.

Filip Kraff, the communications officer of the World Food program, said in the video, “Those who have been rescued have nowhere to return. They are terrified and hungry.”

According to him, the earthquake survivors face a shortage of shelter and spend cold nights amidst the ruins.

He further stated that the consecutive earthquakes occurred in circumstances where one-third of Afghanistan’s population does not know how to secure their food supplies.

The WFP official emphasized that the essential needs of the Afghan people are unpredictable, leading the organization to be forced to cut off emergency food distributions to ten million people.

Kraff urged the public to collaborate with the affected individuals and at the same time, international organizations are rushing to provide assistance.

However, over the past week, international organizations and the Afghan government have provided emergency aid to address the situation, but given the magnitude of the disaster, the provision of this aid is insufficient.

As a result of the earthquakes in Herat, approximately 20 villages in the Zindajan district and neighboring districts have been completely destroyed, leaving thousands of people homeless.

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