Clash between Kabul and Islamabad; Pakistani Prime Minister Labels Afghan Officials’ Statements as Threatening

Bayan News – Amid escalating tensions between Kabul and Islamabad, Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan, referred to the Afghan officials’ recent statements as a threatening move against the Pakistani government.

The interim Prime Minister of Pakistan stated today, Thursday (November 8th), that the Afghan officials’ remarks regarding the forced expulsion of Afghans were unethical and threatening.

He emphasized that Afghanistan and Pakistan are neighboring countries but are independent, and more efforts should be made to strengthen bilateral relations.

According to the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan, there are still over one million Afghans residing legally in Pakistani cities, and Afghan identity cards have been distributed to 800,000 of them.

Meanwhile, officials from the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs deemed the mass expulsion of Afghan migrants unlawful and criticized the Islamic Emirate for condemning the current behavior of the Pakistani government towards Afghan migrants.

Hafiz Zia Ahmad Takal, the deputy spokesperson of the ministry, stated today, Thursday (November 8th), in an audio clip that the officials of the Islamic Emirate have held discussions with Pakistani authorities, religious scholars, and politicians on how to carry out the forced expulsion of Afghans.

He added that Pakistani officials have been urged to allow Afghan migrants to return to their country with dignity and with all their belongings.

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