Nai: 52% of Afghan television networks have ceased operations

Bayan News – Nai, the supporter of free media in Afghanistan, states on the occasion of World Television Day that after the reestablishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, 52 television networks in the country have ceased operations.

Today, Tuesday (November 21st), coincides with World Television Day. On this occasion, the organization supporting free media emphasizes that half of the visual media outlets in Afghanistan have collapsed.

According to a statement by the organization, 77 television networks have discontinued broadcasting due to economic difficulties.

Nai states that visual media outlets have played a crucial role in the past two decades in promoting freedom of expression, information dissemination, and enlightening the minds of the Afghan public.

The organization expresses dissatisfaction with the current state of Afghan media and calls on national and international organizations to take action to resolve the issues faced by Afghan media outlets.

Nai also urges the interim Kabul government to reconsider national media taxes to enable media outlets to continue their operations.

However, over the past two years, the interim Kabul government has imposed restrictions that hinder the dissemination of media broadcasts.

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