Six civilians, including two Shia clerics, were killed in an armed attack in the city of Herat.

Bayan News – It has been reported that unidentified armed individuals attacked the Shia-populated residential area of Jabreel in Herat this afternoon, Friday (December 1st), killing five civilians, including two Shia clerics.

According to local sources, the incident occurred around 2:00 PM today on the route between Herat’s national oven and Sabz City.

Sources stated that the armed individuals, riding motorcycles, forced the civilians off a city bus and shot them to death.

In this incident, five civilians, including two Shia clerics, lost their lives.

It is said that a woman and two other men are among the victims.

According to information from sources, Mohammad Mohsen Hamidi, the prayer leader of Abu al-Fadl Mosque, and Mohammad Taqi Sadeghi, the prayer leader of Rasul-e-Azam Mosque in Herat, were among the victims.

This is the second armed attack against Shia civilians in Herat province in the past two weeks, and no group has claimed responsibility for it.

Security officials in Herat have not provided any information to reporters regarding today’s incident.

Last week, two Shia clerics were also killed in Herat city by unidentified armed individuals.

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