Detention of a Local Reporter in Kandahar Province

Bayan News – It has been reported that the forces of the Islamic Emirate in Kandahar province have detained a local reporter from the private television channel Tamadon.

The Afghanistan Journalists Center has named this reporter as “Abdul Rahim Mohammadi” and reported from its sources that he was summoned to the Kandahar intelligence nine days ago, and since then, there is no news about the fate of this reporter.

The center, while demanding the immediate release of Abdul Rahim Mohammadi, has emphasized that any complaint against a local reporter should be pursued through the channels of the Media Law and the Complaints and Violations Commission.

Local officials of the Islamic Emirate in Kandahar have not yet said anything about the detention of this reporter.

Previously, some local reporters had also been detained by the forces of the Islamic Emirate in Kandahar and some other provinces.

It has been said before that some reporters are detained for collaborating with foreign media outlets.

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