Responsibility for the explosion in west Kabul claimed by ISIS

Bayan News – The Khorasan branch of ISIS has claimed responsibility for the explosion targeting a civilian minibus in the Qala-e-Nazir area of west Kabul.

The group stated that at least 20 Shi’ite individuals lost their lives in this explosion.

In their statement, ISIS added that the attack was carried out based on their campaign of “kill wherever you find them.”

However, at around 6:20 PM on Saturday evening (January 6th), an explosion occurred on a city passenger minibus of the Caster model.

Kabul security officials have reported that two individuals were killed and 14 others were wounded in this incident.

Shi’ite-populated areas in west Kabul have been the target of numerous terrorist attacks in recent years, particularly in the past two years, resulting in the deaths and injuries of a significant number of Shi’ite civilians.

The explosion targeting the Maiwand Club bakery and the attack on the minibus are among the recent ISIS attacks in west Kabul.

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