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Sayaf to the Taliban: You Have Violated Islamic Values by Arresting Girls

Bayan News – Abdulrab Rasul Sayaf, the leader of Afghanistan’s jihadist movement, has strongly criticized the arrest of girls in Kabul due to improper hijab, considering it contrary to Islamic values.

This jihadist leader wrote on the X platform (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, January 9th, addressing the Taliban: “By what religious justification do you attack and kill a woman whose guardian you are not, subject her to beating and torture, and take her to a prison where men are the jailers?”

He added that if Afghan men and women are addressed with a good tone, they happily and willingly observe Islamic principles and national values in both clothing and other aspects of their lives.

The arrest of girls by the authorities of the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and the security agencies of the Taliban has sparked widespread reactions on social media.

Recently, the governor of Kabul, who has met with some members of the Shia Council of Clerics, has raised concerns about the manner in which girls are being arrested for improper hijab.

A source informed Bayan News that members of the Shia Council of Clerics have asked the Kabul governor to ensure that the officials of the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue treat the people kindly so as not to create a negative perception among the people towards Islam and religious values.

However, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the caretaker government in Kabul, had previously stated regarding the arrest of girls that the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and the security agencies had received reports that a group of girls had been recruited by external circles to promote improper hijab.

He said that no girls had been arrested, and they were only transferred to educational centers for a two-hour disciplinary measure, and it was recommended that their family members be present during their detention.

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