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UNDP Report: Significant Decrease in Women’s Employment in Afghanistan

Karima Muradi

Bayan News – A recent report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reveals a significant decline in women’s employment in Afghanistan over the past two years, exacerbating the trend of increasing poverty in the country.

The report, published on Monday (January 14), states that the violation of women’s rights, particularly the right to work and education, and the challenges faced by the banking system in Afghanistan are considered major setbacks and concerns under the Taliban-controlled regime.

According to the findings of the report, currently, seven out of every ten individuals in Afghanistan lack food security and are unable to meet their basic needs.

The UNDP report indicates that 69% of Afghan citizens suffer from food insecurity and experience inadequate access to essential services such as healthcare, basic goods, poor living conditions, and limited job opportunities.

The UNDP report also provides statistics showing a decrease in the number of women employed in Afghanistan from 11% in 2022 to 6% in 2023, and small businesses managed by women have witnessed a reduction of approximately 60% since 2021.

According to the report, serious income inequality has been imposed on Afghan women in the current circumstances.

Taliban officials have not yet responded to this report.

However, previously, Taliban government entities had provided statistics indicating that over the past two years, more than five thousand small businesses had been registered and operated by employed women.

The Taliban claim that there are no restrictions on women’s economic activities in the country.

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