Deputy Political Chief of the Taliban Government calls Security Council report “malicious”

Bayan News – Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Political Chief of the Taliban government, referred to the Security Council report on the establishment of Al-Qaeda centers in Afghanistan as malicious.

In a press conference on Friday (February 1), he stated that Afghanistan has a central and independent government that holds absolute authority throughout the country and does not permit anyone to establish such centers.

This senior Taliban official declared that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan seeks good relations with all countries around the world and its neighbors, assuring that Afghan soil will not be used against anyone.

Abdul Kabir requested other countries to reopen their embassies, stating that political representatives of Afghanistan are active in several countries.

The United Nations Security Council recently published a report stating that the Al-Qaeda network has established multiple operational centers in various provinces of Afghanistan.

The report also mentions that Al-Qaeda has set up a military equipment depot in the province of Panjshir.

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