Pakistan Foreign Ministry: Threat Source Groups Are Based in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Zahra Baloch, the spokesperson for the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, once again claimed on Friday (February 1) that the terrorist groups threatening Pakistan’s security are based in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry official, speaking at a press conference, emphasized that Islamabad has shared documents and evidence related to the terrorist groups with the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Baloch further stated that Pakistan has demanded the handover of the commanders of these groups by the Afghan Taliban government.

The increase in TTP’s activities within Pakistani territory has strained relations between Kabul and Islamabad, and Pakistani officials claim that the TTP, using Afghan soil, has posed a threat to the security of Pakistan.

This claim has consistently been denied by Afghan Taliban officials.

Recently, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, the leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party, traveled to Kabul to reduce tensions between the two countries.

Simultaneously, the spokesperson for the Pakistan Foreign Ministry continues to refer to the official border between the two countries, stating that the Durand Line has been identified as the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and has been internationally recognized.

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