The Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Taliban announces the destruction of over a thousand drug production factories

Bayan News – Abdul Haq Akhund, the Minister of Counter Narcotics of the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior Affairs, states that since they took power in Afghanistan, 1,100 drug production factories have been eradicated throughout the country.

This official from the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior Affairs, in an interview with Tolo News on Friday (February 2nd), added that in the past two years, more than 13,000 individuals have been arrested on charges of production, sale, and trafficking of drugs during the operations to destroy the manufacturing factories.

According to Abdul Haq Akhund, in order to prevent cultivation and trafficking and to eliminate production factories, more than 20,700 operations have been carried out in over two years.

He also openly criticized the international community for not cooperating practically with the current government of Afghanistan in the fight against drugs.

Abdul Haq Akhund

Nevertheless, this official from the Ministry of Interior Affairs emphasized that with the banning of poppy cultivation in the country, cultivation, production, and trafficking of drugs have reached zero throughout Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Interior Affairs further stated that out of the total number of drug addicts in the country, over 100,000 of them have been collected and placed under treatment.

The reduction in cultivation, production, and trafficking of drugs in Afghanistan has decreased unprecedentedly, and these measures by the Taliban have been met with international approval.

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