Special Coordinator of the United Nations for Afghanistan: No one is trying to destabilize the Taliban

Bayan News – Fereydoun Sinirlioglu, the Special Coordinator of the United Nations for Afghanistan, states that not only is no one trying to destabilize the Taliban, but everyone wants the Taliban to connect with the international community.

He made these remarks during a meeting with Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Political Chief of the Taliban government. The meeting took place on Wednesday (February 6th).

According to the UN Special Coordinator, he (Sinirlioglu) wants to expand relations between Afghanistan and the world.

According to the UN official, the international community, including the United States and European countries, is interested in initiating relations and cooperation with the Taliban.

Sinirlioglu emphasized that if the Taliban adheres to some international laws and conventions, Afghanistan is important for the region and the world because the security of this country means regional peace and stability.

Referring to the Doha Conference, which will be hosted by the United Nations until tomorrow, he added that good decisions will be made regarding Afghanistan in this conference, and positive changes will occur in Afghanistan’s relations with the world after this conference.

He clearly stated that no one is trying to destabilize the Taliban, but everyone is trying to connect the Taliban with the international community.

On the other hand, the Taliban’s Deputy Political Chief stated that the current system in Afghanistan opposes the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan.

The Taliban official stated that with the existence of the UN political representation in Afghanistan (UNAMA), there will be no need to appoint a new representative for peace.

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir further stated that discussions on the participation of the Taliban delegation in the Doha Conference have started, and it is also expected that practical steps will be taken in this conference towards the reconstruction of Afghanistan, humanitarian assistance, and removing sanctions from the banking system.

The Special Representatives Conference for Afghanistan will be hosted by the United Nations in Doha, the capital of Qatar, on February 18th and 19th. Representatives of the Taliban have also been invited to this conference.

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