Interior Ministry Reports Killing of Human Trafficker and Rescue of a Child

Bayan News – Abdul Matin Qani, spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior, states that the investigative forces of the Crime Fighting Department of the ministry have rescued a child from the clutches of human traffickers in an operation.

The Ministry of Interior spokesperson wrote on Monday (March 3rd) on the X platform that during a clash with the investigative forces, two human traffickers were killed, and a child was safely rescued.

The spokesperson mentioned the child by the name of Abdul Fahim and stated that he had been abducted 14 days ago from the jurisdiction of District 11 in Kabul city, and the kidnappers had demanded a ransom of 800,000 dollars for his release.

This child has been rescued from the jurisdiction of the fourth security district in Kabul city.

It is worth noting that following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, there has been a significant reduction in cases of abduction and criminal activities in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan.

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