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“Agenda” of Women’s Rights Defenders Regarding the Doha Conference II

Bayan News – On the eve of the second Doha conference, some women’s rights defenders emphasize that the success of this conference depends on the presence of genuine representatives of Afghan women.

Fawzia Koofi, a member of the former Afghan government’s parliament and a women’s rights defender, announced on Wednesday (February 13th) that the second Doha conference would only be fruitful if true representatives of Afghan women and all political factions actively participate in it.

According to Ms. Koofi, if pro-Taliban factions are invited to the Doha conference, it will be an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the crisis in Afghanistan.

The second Doha conference, which is scheduled to be hosted by the United Nations in five days, has not yet specified which individuals will represent the interests of Afghan women and girls.

Earlier, the United Nations had stated that it is the responsibility of women’s rights defenders and civil society activists to participate in this conference.

On the other hand, some protesting Afghan women have issued statements in connection with the Doha conference.

In their statement, the protesting women expressed dissatisfaction with the invitation of Taliban representatives to the Doha conference, as the fundamental rights of women are not respected under their rule.

At the Doha conference, special representatives from countries will participate on behalf of Afghanistan, and representatives from the Taliban government have also been invited to attend.

Taliban officials have stated that this conference aims to establish sustained interaction between the global community and Afghanistan.

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