Taliban Whips 13 People in Public for “Illicit” Relationships in Bamiyan

Bayan News – The Taliban Supreme Court has announced that, based on the rulings of the Bamiyan courts, 13 individuals have been publicly whipped for engaging in “illicit” relationships.

According to the court, in a newsletter issued on Thursday (February 14), the flogging sentence for these individuals was carried out by the Criminal Court of the Bamiyan Primary Court after approval by the Criminal Court.

It is reported that among these individuals, five women are also included.

According to the newsletter from the Taliban Supreme Court, four other individuals have been sentenced to one year of imprisonment and 39 lashes each on charges of escaping from home.

Furthermore, it is stated that the Bamiyan provincial courts have also sentenced two other individuals to seven years in prison and 39 lashes each for the charges of murder and robbery of a motorcycle.

It should be noted that with the rise of the Taliban, the mobile courts have been implemented based on the rulings of the courts in most provinces of Afghanistan.

This action by the Taliban has faced opposition from human rights organizations.

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