The British ship “Ruby Mar” has finally sunk in the Red Sea

BAyan News – The US Central Command (CENTCOM) has confirmed that the British ship “Ruby Mar” has sunk in the Red Sea, which was targeted by Houthi attacks.

CENTCOM stated yesterday, March 2nd, in a statement that this British ship was carrying 21,000 tons of ammonium phosphate sulfate fertilizer, and the mixing of these substances in the sea poses an environmental threat.

The US command added that the sinking of the Ruby Mar ship in the Red Sea creates a subsurface strike risk for other vessels passing through shipping lanes.

CENTCOM reiterated that the ongoing attacks by the Houthi militias, supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran, pose an increasing threat to global maritime activities.

The command stated that the United States and its partners remain committed to the protection of freedom of navigation and are striving to enhance the safety and security of international waters for commercial shipping.

The Ruby Mar ship was attacked by Houthi insurgents in the Red Sea on February 18th last month.

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