“Openheimer” Wins the Best Picture Oscar 2024

Bayan News – Christopher Nolan’s “Openheimer” took home the Best Picture Oscar. The film won the Best Picture award at the 2024 Oscars and also received other major awards, including Best Director and Best Actor.

In this film, Irish actor Killian Murphy portrayed the role of Robert Openheimer, an American physicist whose efforts in the 1940s led the United States to develop the world’s first atomic bomb and use it to devastatingly bomb the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan at the end of World War II.

Murphy won the Best Actor award, and Christopher Nolan received the Best Director award for this film. “Openheimer” won a total of seven Oscars.

“Openheimer” is a three-hour drama film about physics and politics in America during World War II, which, contrary to predictions, became the highest-grossing film alongside “Barbie” of the year. The film not only captured the hearts of cinema lovers with $953 million at the box office but also garnered praise from many critics.

The competitors to “Openheimer” at the Oscars included films such as “Barbie,” “An American Story,” “Anatomy of a Fall,” “The Heirs,” “Full Moon Killers,” “The Master,” “Past Lives,” “The Dispossessed,” and “Favorite District.”

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