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Borrell: The situation of women in Afghanistan is unprecedented worldwide, and pressure must be exerted on the Taliban

Bayan News – Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and policy, described the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan under Taliban control as unprecedented worldwide and called on the global community to exert pressure on the Taliban.

The EU’s foreign policy official, speaking on Tuesday (March 12) during a joint meeting of the United Nations and the European Union in the Security Council, added, “The humanitarian, economic, political, and human rights situation in Afghanistan is alarming.”

This EU official emphasized that women and girls in Afghanistan have effectively been excluded from public life, and this situation is unprecedented and intolerable at a global level.

He said, “We must not forget Afghanistan, a place where gender apartheid is taking place.”

Borrell, emphasizing the continuation of positive engagement between the world and the Taliban, added, “We must participate in the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2721 and the interaction process led by this organization and exert pressure.”

After the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, women and girls in the country have been deprived of their fundamental rights, such as education and work.

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