The Security Council extends UNAMA mission in Afghanistan

Bayan News – The United Nations Security Council moments ago American local time (March 16) extended the UNAMA mission in Afghanistan with 15 favorable votes.

In this meeting, representatives of permanent countries described the presence of UNAMA in Afghanistan as important in preventing humanitarian crises and addressing Afghanistan’s priorities.

Kelly Craft, the United States representative to the Security Council, stated that the United States is committed to supporting the people of Afghanistan and continues to commend the UNAMA staff operating in difficult and dangerous conditions.

According to Craft, by renewing the UNAMA mission, the Security Council allowed for a focus on Afghanistan’s priorities, including addressing the emergency situations and economic crisis gripping Afghanistan.

She further emphasized promoting peace, stability, and facilitating dialogue among all political actors and stakeholders, stating that support should be provided for human rights efforts, especially securing the fundamental rights of Afghan women and girls, so they can freely participate in all aspects of life.

The US permanent representative to the UN Security Council also reiterated the need for the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan as soon as possible to work with the international community, the Taliban, and the Afghan people to achieve peace and stability.

Meanwhile, Zhang Jun, China’s representative to the Security Council, stated that his country supports the UNAMA mission in Afghanistan and hopes that this entity plays an effective role in promoting peace and stability.

He said: “We are concerned that the draft resolution does not address the developments in Afghanistan. Two and a half years after the withdrawal of foreign forces, there are unstable conditions, a weak economy, and people’s livelihoods are declining. Afghanistan still faces challenges. The humanitarian situation is not good. The international community should reassure itself with its interaction with the Taliban to provide more assistance.”

On the other hand, Japan’s representative to the UN Security Council stated that the adoption of the draft resolution ensures that UNAMA addresses the fundamental challenges in its mission in Afghanistan.

The Japanese representative stressed that UNAMA’s presence in Afghanistan is essential in addressing humanitarian emergencies, especially the situation of women and girls, and called for more efforts to deepen trust and confidence between the Taliban and the international community.

He said that the approval of this resolution sends a strong message that the United Nations, with the support of the Security Council, works for those in difficult situations.

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