Russian Government Official: Recognizing the Taliban is Associated with Forming an Inclusive Government

Bayan News – Mikhail Galuzin, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, states that recognizing the Taliban is associated with the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

He made these remarks during his visit to Uzbekistan. The Russian government official traveled to Uzbekistan on Friday, April 26th.

Galuzin added that an inclusive government requires the representation of all ethnic groups and political movements.

However, he emphasized that the Russian government will continue to maintain its working relationship with the Taliban.

This Russian official, criticizing US policies regarding Afghanistan, highlighted that the West and the United States, in the true sense of the word, abandoned the people of Afghanistan.

While most neighboring countries have not officially recognized the Taliban government, they have established diplomatic relations.

In addition to diplomatic relations, some regional countries have handed over embassies and diplomatic missions of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

According to statements by the Taliban’s Foreign Minister, Afghan diplomatic missions are currently active in 38 countries under Taliban rule.

Moscow is considering “removing the Taliban” from the list of terrorist organizations

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