Zakia Wardak, an Afghan diplomat in India, was detained with 25 kilograms of smuggled gold

Bayan News – Indian media, citing their own sources, have reported that Zakia Wardak, the Consul of Afghanistan in the city of Mumbai, was stopped at the city’s airport with 25 kilograms of smuggled gold.

According to India Times, citing officials from the Indian Revenue Intelligence, the value of the seized gold from Ms. Wardak is estimated at $2.2 million.

According to the report, this Afghan diplomat intended to smuggle this amount of gold from Dubai to India.

It is said that Zakia Wardak has not been arrested due to diplomatic immunity, but the Indian government has opened a case against her and initiated its own investigations.

This incident took place on April 25th.

According to India Times, under Indian laws, if the amount of smuggled gold exceeds a value of $100,000, the person involved is identified as a suspect and faces criminal action.

In response to India Times, Zakia Wardak stated that she was surprised by the accusations against her and is awaiting the results of further investigations.

Zakia Wardak wrote, “I believe you are aware of the personal challenges I have recently faced during my work at the embassy and consulate.”

Ms. Wardak added that she is currently outside Mumbai and engaged in her own treatment.

Zakia Wardak, along with Mohammed Ibrahim Khail, another Afghan consul in India, are also in control of the Afghan embassy in Delhi in cooperation with the Taliban government.

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